Continuity of Service - Covid-19 - Sheriff Officer Services

During this unprecedented lockdown period and in accordance with the advice issued by the Government, SCTS and our professional association SMASO, all Sheriff Officers are restricting their activities to urgent and essential business.  This includes new applications for child protection orders, interim interdicts, child referral appeals, urgent adoptions or urgent interim residence or contact applications, and urgent applications in relation to Adults with Incapacity.

We recognise that there are other matters which may also be considered urgent and will be assessed on a case by case basis.

We remain available to assist with these urgent requirements however most day to day activities which involve physical visits by our Officers have been temporarily suspended to comply with both public health guidance and the advice issue by our professional association.

  • In relation to urgent and time-bar cases the following emergency contact numbers are available; Alex Irvine – 07519096697 and Andrew Fraser – 07775852946
Posted on 1st Apr, 20

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